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Comprehensive Performance Training


CompPT was built with the goal to enhance performance. Our team aims to provide training opportunities that put you in the best environment to accelerate improvement. We recognize that true performance is not just physical training, but healthy nutrition habits, adequate recovery and proper mindset. By starting with foundational skills and habits in all areas with sound progression strategies, the gateway to greater performance is opened.

Because CompPT believes strongly in building a foundation of physical literacy and fundamental movement skills, we base our age programs and performance strategies on Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) concepts, a proven effective model of development which stresses that optimal athletic learning environments and trainable qualities change as we age. Learn more about LTAD here: http://sportforlife.ca/qualitysport/long-term-athlete-development/

See below to determine your entry point into CompPT’s programs.


“Foundational Performance” 8-10 years old

Games focused learning environment to develop basic human movements and fundamental movement skills. This comprehensive program aims to promote all facets of physical literacy through a fun, learning environment while creating a foundation of movement literacy.

Available only in small group settings. Contact us for details.


“Performers in Training”  11-13 years old

Build on fundamental movements learned in the Foundational Program with increasingly challenging environments to build competency and skill. While this program has a games focused activity, Performers in Training are introduced to basic strength training, flexibility and cardiovascular training techniques that will provide an optimal foundation for future goals. Remember – without the movement skills, how can you perform the sport skills?

Available only in small group settings. Contact us for details.


“High Performance Development” JV 14-16, Varsity 16-18 years old or College/University athletes

This program stream offers dedicated training to enhance speed, strength, power, and sport specific qualities for athletes with intent to reach the next level. Particular attention is paid to ensuring all athletes have a solid foundation of movement skills before any concentrated strength training efforts.

The High Performance Development program offers individualized programming that is centered around an initial and on-going assessment that ensures each athlete has a program that is for their body. No cookie cutter programs. No one size fits all. Just results.

Available in private, semi-private or small group settings. Visit our Training Opportunities Page to determine the best fit for your goals


“Performers for Life” (LTAD Active for Life) 15+

Aims to build robustness in all physical qualities to ensure healthy physical activity for life. Available in private, semi-private and small group settings. Check back soon for updates on these opportunities!




Lead Performance Director – Wes Pomarensky, BA Kin CSEP-CEP, FMS Level II


Wes Pomarensky is CSEP-CEP based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Since graduating from the University of Winnipeg with his Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology in 2012, he has worked for over six years in the fitness industry. As a Functional Movement Systems (FMS) Level II provider combined with his studies into Long Term Athletic Development, he has a unique, effective background into the interplay between physical literacy and elite performance.

Wes believes in building a solid foundation of movement and physical literacy on which strength, power and athleticism can be improved. He has worked with various populations ranging from acute chronic disease care, injured return-to-work individuals to high school  elite level sports athletes. He places great importance on continuing education, and has taken many courses through world class health and fitness organizations such as FMS, StrongFirst, and the Prague School of Rehabilitation.

In addition to his work in the fitness industry, Wes is an NCCP Learning Facilitator for Sport Manitoba, delivering education to coaches in multiple sports across the province. He has also worked for a number of years as a coach for Baseball Manitoba as part of their 15U, 16U and 17U high performance programs. In his spare time, he is an avid reader.


  • Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology – Certified Exercise Physiologist 2013
  • Functional Movement Systems FMS Level II Certified 2015
  • Heart and Stroke Foundation CPR BLS for HCP (C), January 2018
  • Canadian Red Cross Emergency First Aid, January 2018
  • NCCP Competition Development Certified Baseball Coach, 2011
  • NCCP Baseball Learning Facilitator and Evaluator, 2014 and Multi-Sport Learning Facilitator, 2016