Goals For This Blog

To begin this blog, I want to start by thanking each and every one of you who came to this site. Whether this is your only visit or the first of many, I appreciate the time you allow me.

My goal of this blog is to provide readers with varying ideas, feelings, thoughts, concepts, and advice regarding improving performance. Articles on exercise technique, exercise programming and concepts of performance improvement are already in the works. In addition, some posts will be not so much directly related to exercise, but rather with indirect connections that will make connections to exercise. Some posts may be long, others short.

I want each article to be easily accessible. The last thing I want is for you, my reader, to need a degree in Exercise Science to understand it.

Regardless of the specific topic of each post, all articles will be part of the overarching theme of this website – to provide information on how to improve oneself. I welcome comments, criticisms and discussion on all posts. It is only through these channels that thoughts and ideas can go through the auditing process. If you learn anything at all through my posts, I would be ecstatic, but my goal is to learn just as much from you all. So please, don’t hesitate to chime in!

I really appreciate your time, and thank you for visiting.

Welcome to Comprehensive Performance Training!


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