What We’ve Been Reading Lately, Episode 1

Hey everyone!

Something new we want to introduce to the blog is a short blurb or so on great things we’ve read lately. This could be blog posts, books, we might even include some podcasts or videos at some point to. The fact we’ve named this “Episode 1” means that this will evolve into a somewhat regular feature that highlights information we’ve found interesting and relevant.

The book I wanted to discuss today is called “The Culture Code” by Daniel Coyle. His prior book titled “The Talent Code” was a fantastic in depth look at what talent is, how it can be cultivated, and what the best are doing to reach the top echelons of their respective fields. In a similar vein, Coyle’s new book examines how company culture can be affected through small but meaningful, deliberate processes.

Even though I’m only halfway through the book, I had to get some thoughts down after I read the chapter about Greg Popovich and the San Antonio Spurs. Pop long, considered one of the best coaches, follows Coyle’s highlighted principles of positive culture. Pop:

  • builds safety: Through all his interactions with his players, Pop consistently and relentlessly crates an atmosphere that tells his players they are in a safe zone
  • shares vulnerability: Pop gets deep into understanding his players, sharing stories, getting to know them on a deeper level. This helps get him buy in and enable him to be critical and demanding of them, allowing positive growth
  • establishes a purpose: Pop’s teams are historically known to be team-oriented and ego free, to the point of taking players once thought to be disruptions and successfully integrating them into the Spurs’ culture. This is done by establishing the team’s principles and carrying that message across every interaction.

This is only one example that includes many from varying industries, but this book has already resonated with me and what I hope CompPT can be for all athletes who make the choice to train with us.

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